LAMB offers students a comprehensive visual arts, music, and physical education program every week throughout their years at the school.  The program includes activities chosen by students using Montessori and other materials during the daily work cycle, daily songs and rhythmic activities led by classroom teachers, weekly classes with trained art, music and physical education specialists, regular arts field trips and in-school performances, and monthly Peace Ceremony assemblies featuring student work.

The goals of LAMB’s enrichment program include: 

  1. Teaching subject-area skills and concepts
  2. Fostering the social and emotional skills required for group collaboration
  3. Enabling children to use kinetic and artistic modalities to express ideas

At LAMB, students have access to art, music, and movement materials during their daily Montessori work cycle.  Children are encouraged to follow their own interests in exploring these materials.


All students, from preschool through fifth grade, receive 45-minute weekly classes in art and music, led by specialists in those disciplines.  Starting in first grade, students also have a 45-minute weekly physical education session with a specialist.  Specialist teachers often collaborate with classroom teachers and with each other to integrate the curriculum across disciplines and to create large-scale student presentations which unite music, movement and art.