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Bilingual model: Dual Language Immersion

In addition to the Montessori curriculum, LAMB uses a dual English and Spanish language immersion model. Our goal is that our students will be fluent in both languages by 5th grade. All of our communities, other than PreK3, receive classes in Spanish and in English while learning core academic subjects. These classes are structured slightly differently depending on the community level: 

  • Primary and Lower Elementary (PreK3 to 3rd grade) 

    • PreK3: Instruction is in Spanish only. Students nap in the afternoon.

    • PreK4 and Kinder:  Instruction is in both languages, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. One instructor per language. 

    • 1st through 3rd grade: Instruction is in both languages.

  • Upper Elementary (4th and 5th grade) 

    • Instruction is in both languages.

    • Some communities use the two-instructor model (above).

    • Some communities use a four-instructor model: 

      • Two communities share four instructors. Each pair of instructors teaches in either Spanish or English to one community and then switches to the other community. 

Although our focus is on teaching students Spanish, we value and celebrate Latin American heritage in several ways. Most of our staff are originally from a Latin American country or are descended from Latino immigrants. We incorporate our heritage into our work and share it with our students.


At LAMB, we combine this bilingual model with the Montessori curriculum.