How LAMB families can get involved

When a new child joins LAMB, we consider their entire family a part of our community. Family participation helps us create a richer environment for our students to learn and grow. We invite families to engage with us. Families will find a vibrant community that embraces people from different walks of life. In this community, families can make friends, show the power of volunteering, and help  keep LAMB an amazing school. There are several ways families can engage with us. 


We depend on our families to help us meet our ambitious goals. We believe that everyone can contribute something valuable to our community. We expect all LAMB families to volunteer at least 20 hours of service per year. We realize that this may be challenging for some. If this would be a challenge for your family, please contact the front desk to decide on a number of hours that fits your schedule. 

Families can volunteer in many ways. They can help in the classroom, serve on parent committees, or help with special events (field trips, book fairs, school celebrations, Parent Teacher Organization, etc.). We also encourage families to share their skills, cultural background, hobbies or special interests with their child’s class and/or the school. Contact your child’s teachers and classroom parents to ask about community-specific opportunitiesto volunteer. Contact the front desk and the PTO for schoolwide opportunities.

Join the Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an active collaboration between parents/guardians and teachers. It aims to improve cooperation and communication within the school. PTO meetings are open to  all LAMB families and staff. The PTO encourages parents/guardians to participate in activities, events, and meetings hosted throughout the year. PTO members elect PTO leaders annually. Contact for more information.


We depend on your financial support! As a 501c3 (nonprofit) organization, grants and donations are an important part of our budget. Financial and in-kind support from families and friends help us meet our needs. You can support us financially by making a donation online . You can also make a donation in person or by mail, making checks payable to LAMB PCS. Donations to LAMB PCS are tax deductible. We appreciate your support!

Attend student presentations and special events 


During the school year, families are welcome to attend a variety of events at the school. These events include science fairs, peace ceremonies, and other events where we showcase our students’ work. Students often organize these events with support from staff and parents.

Attend the parent/guardian - teacher conferences 

We expect parents/guardians to attend three\annual parent-teacher conferences per year. At each conference, teachers provide parents/guardians with information on their child’s academic and social development progress. The conference is ntended to share information that can be used to support the student’s ongoing learning and to foster collaborative relationships between parents/guardians and teachers. Parent-teacher conferences give parents specific knowledge about their children’s learning at school and specific insights into in the Montessori methodologies.

Attend annual Back-to-School Nights

Back-to-School Nights are organized at the beginning of each school year (one at each building). The Back-to-School Night is an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers, principal, and other LAMB staff, as well as to meet new and returning parents. At the beginning of every Back-to School Night, our staff gives an overview of the school year and goals. After this meeting, community meetings are conducted by your child’s teachers in their classrooms.


Attend family workshops 

Families are strongly encouraged to participate in bi-annual parent workshops. These workshops provide multiple options for family education. We include topics like  Montessori education, dual-language immersion, and middle-school transition.

LAMB announces the specific dates for these workshops in the academic school calendar. LAMB staff and parents collaborate in organizing these workshops.

Observe the classroom 

Parents/guardians are welcome to contact their child’s teachers to schedule a visit to observe the child in the classroom. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to observe the classroom three times per year. We think it’s useful to visit once before each of the parent/guardian-teacher conferences. Each facility has an Observation Guide available at the front desk that parents/guardians can refer to during their visits.