Sister School

Now that we are settled into our second academic quarter of the school year, we are ready to continue our work with our sister school in Nicaragua. The project will continue as follows:

LAMB has received letters from teachers and children in Nicaragua and these are being distributed and will be rotated among the different classrooms. LAMB students will be writing letters with the theme “This is my community” which will then be sent to Nicaragua in February, once the schools in Nicaragua return from summer vacation.

Ideas for future service learning projects should come from children's and teacher's experience in writing the letters and exchanging experiences with teachers and students in Nicaragua. Teachers will take the time to talk about the children in Nicaragua, and a book with pictures will be distributed. Teachers will have meaningful conversations with the children about differences, similarities, and if there is something they can do for us, as well as something we can do for them.

We want the children to understand how to be humble in serving others, and the valuable lessons we can learn from people who live with a lot less material goods than what we have. We will schedule time during weekly professional development sessions for teachers to share the types of conversations they are having with students and to talk about what the students already know and how we can help them further develop in the areas that arise through this project.