Holiday Collection Project Update

LAMB continues to collect books, clothing and toys for LAMB families who may not otherwise receive or be able to afford them. Requested items include winter clothing, card and board games, balls and hula hoops, musical instruments, arts and crafts supplies, etc. For those that can contribute cash or gift cards please drop these off at the front reception.

To participate, bring an unwrapped item to the drop-off box near the front entrance door by December 17th. We will be collecting items for students according to the following ages:


Age Gender
3-4 year olds 14 boys, 5 girls
5-6 year olds 11 boys, 2 girls
7-8 year olds 4 boys, 6 girls
9-11 year olds 6 boys, 2 girls
3-4 year olds 14 boys, 5 girls