Washington, DC - November 8, 2017 – For the Sixth Year, the Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School (LAMB) achieved Tier 1 Status based on the DC Public Charter School Board’s (PCSB) rankings, and this year LAMB was the highest ranked early childhood/elementary public charter school in Washington, D.C.   In addition, LAMB was rated as one of the highest performing DC Public Charter Schools (based on overall score) and has consistently been assessed Tier 1 since 2012.  This Tier 1 ranking, which indicates high standards of performance, is based on the results of the School Quality Report, the PCSB’s annual tool for assessing and monitoring charter school performance.

Each year, DC PCSB evaluates the performance of every public charter school in the District. These evaluations are compiled into reports, which are used to rate schools into Tiers 1, 2 or 3, with 1 being the best. This allows students and families to rate the quality of the school’s achievement compared with other public charter schools across Washington, DC.  Although every public charter school is unique, these reports focus on common metrics to rate and evaluate all schools on an equal footing.

“Kudos to the entire LAMB Family: students, staff, parents and partners.  This achievement underscores the importance of coming together to support our students and further our mission of fostering a learning environment that promotes a lifetime of learning,” said Diane Cottman, LAMB’s Executive Director.

Highlights of LAMB’s 2016-2017 School Quality Report

  • LAMB is the highest ranked early childhood/elementary charter school in the District of Columbia
  • LAMB ranked #3 of all public charter schools city-wide
  • LAMB’s student re-enrollment rate is 96.4%
  • LAMB’s in-seat attendance rate is 95.3%
  • LAMB’s greatest increase was in PARCC Math Scores (3rd grade and up)
  • LAMB has consistently earned high marks in early childhood pre-literacy in Math 94.4% (meet and/or exceed expectations for achievement)

A school’s score is based on a numerous factors, including student progress as measured by the average growth in state test scores (PARCC) of individual students from one year to the next, the percentage of students who scored College and Career Ready or Approaching on the PARCC, school attendance rates, and school re-enrollment rates.  LAMB’s 2017 overall percentage is 87.7%, up 4.4% from last year.

LAMB is a dual language immersion public charter school, which serves children from preschool to grade 5, with facilities in Wards 4 and 5 in the District of Columbia.  LAMB’s mission is to foster bilingualism in a self-directed learning environment in which children build a foundation of knowledge essential for a lifetime of learning.