Our staff makes our school the wonderful learning community that it is! We work daily to provide the best possible Montessori and bilingual education to our students. Our professional excellence is reflected in the positive impact we have in our students.

Leadership Team

Charis Sharp, Executive Director

Lainie Santos Torres, Principal

Brian Nielsen, Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Anna Marie Wrin Yombo, Director of Family Engagement

Maria-Jose Carrasco, Communications and Compliance Deputy Director

Schoolwide Programs and Operations

Paola Acuña, Physical Education Teacher

Eboni Akingbe, Special Education Coordinator

Amanda Arellano, Student Support and English Language Learners Manager

Griselle Feliciano, Bilingual Reading Interventionist

Cristian (Cris) Gajardo, Information Technology Director

James Hoggard, Accountant

Mayra Marenco, Registrar/Administrative Assistant

Victor Merced, Testing & Data Coordinator

Nicodeme Mondesir, Physical Education and Extended Learning Day Instructor

Marta Perez, Art Teacher

Eduardo Perez, Technology & Extended Learning Day Instructor

Nitya Ramlogan, Art Teacher

Integriti Reeves, Music Teacher 

Missouri Facility

Susana Silva-Canales, Interim-Assistant Principal

Dilcia Aguilar, Educational Aide

Rosa Calderon, Educational Aide

Ivannia Castillo-Roman, Special Education Teacher

Ronal Chacon, Extended Learning Day Coordinator

Maria Jose Chavez, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Thais Chirinos, Primary Montessori Teacher Intern

Yeison Cordoba-Hurtado, Administrative Assistant

Anamigdy Cruz, Educational Aide

Jovana Espino, Primary Montessori Teacher

Silvia Flores, Primary Montessori Teacher

Ainhoa Godoy, Primary Montessori Teacher

Maria Gonzalez, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Roxana Gonzalez, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Maria Elena (Nena) Herrera, Primary Montessori Teacher

Melissa Majano-Luna, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Ana Dilia Marquez, Educational Aide

Melvin Martinez, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Patrick McLaughlin, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Gloria Mejia, Educational Aide

Carmen Mendoza, Educational Aide

Ana Rebeca Salazar, Administrative Assistant

Lorena Molina, Primary Montessori Teacher

Maribel Morales, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Ivan Morales, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Teresa Mullet, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Zoila (Luly) Noronha, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Rosa Pacheco, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Vanessa Ramos Patino, Primary Montessori Teacher

Mayra Rivera, Educational Aide

Concepcion Roque, Educational Aide

Lucia Sanchez, Primary Montessori Teacher

Yolanda (Yoli) Zamora, Primary Montessori Teacher

Socorro Zarate, Primary Montessori Teacher

Nargi Zelaya, Educational Aide

South Dakota Facility

Michelle Mangan, Assistant Principal

Juan Alfaro, Interim Extended Learning Day Coordinator

Maira Aplicano, Educational Aide

Dairo Borja, Administrative Assistant

Dayana Candelaria, Educational Aide

Veronica Carrasco, Primary Montessori Teacher

Elis Cecchetti, Primary Montessori Teacher

Blanca Escobar, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Sakeenah Franzen, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Emily Geller, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Ana Granados, Administrative Assistant

Danielle Hardoon, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Ali (Rico) Harris, Educational Aide

Gemma Loyola, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Claudia Luna, Primary Montessori Teacher

Marsy Montano, Primary Montessori Teacher

Nathaly Pena, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Mayra Peralta, Educational Aide

Daisy Perez, Elementary Classroom Assistant and Reading Interventionist

Jasmine Pettus, Special Education Teacher

Jessica Polanco, Educational Aide

Adelaida Principe, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Wendy Ramirez, Educational Aide

Luz Maria Ramos, Primary Montessori Teacher

Teresa Serrano, Educational Aide

Alexandra Torres-Guerrero, Primary Montessori Teacher

Naomi Ueki, Primary Montessori Teacher

Alba Umanzor, Primary Teacher Assistant

Yesenia Urrutia, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Maria Valle, Educational Aide

Maria Valle de Bustillo, Educational Aide

Autumn Wilson, Kindergarten Montessori English Teacher

Walter Reed Facility

Margarita Diaz, Interim Assistant Principal

Deyanira Bautista, Counselor

Victoria Bele Contreras, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Lili Cordoba, Extended Learning Day Substitute Instructor 

Karen Cronin, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Damian Fontanez, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Angel Galmes, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Carmen Galvis, Extended Learning Day Coordinator

Yuliana Gavidia, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Cindy Guerrero-Munguia, Educational Aide

Lilian Guevara, Educational Aide

Bellenia Huamani, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Adalberto Islas, Elementary Montessori Teacher Intern

Althea John, Special Education Teacher

Yuria Joo, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Ever Lizama, Educational Aide

Thania Martinez, Extended Learning Day Instructor

Dolores Peck, Lower Elementary Teacher

Jasmine Peralta, Educational Aide

Iana Phillips, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Wendy Romero, Administrative Assistant

Yesenia Romero, Educational Aide

Maria Luisa Rossel, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Beth Saguto, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Genesis Sanchez, Educational Aide

Paola Sanchez, Elementary Montessori Teacher Intern

Joel Steinberg, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Carol Stewart, Special Education Teacher

Margaret (Maisie) Theobald, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Rosa Turcios Valle, Educational Aide

Eliasib Yakx, Elementary Montessori Teacher

Jose Zermeno Gamez, Upper Elementary Teacher Intern

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