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¡Arriba! is LAMB’s annual fundraising campaign. The campaign, lead by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), honors and supports the LAMB experience: an unparalleled public education in the District of Columbia where children flourish in a joyful and engaging bilingual, Montessori environment.

Chances are you are here because your generosity has drawn you to make a gift of gratitude to support the school. You recognize that personal philanthropy – giving of time, funds, and spirit – is essential to operate and enhance LAMB. With three facilities and a student body that spans pre-school to adolescence, LAMB is a diverse, vibrant family. The ¡Arriba! campaign directly benefits our common good.

If you want to find the right person to talk about volunteering, discuss a special gift you have in mind or if you have additional questions about the ¡Arriba! campaign, please contact the PTO at

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What is the ¡Arriba! Campaign?

¡Arriba! is the LAMB Parent Teacher Organization’s annual fundraising campaign in which families join together to give back to the school that gives so much to our children. ¡Arriba! provides LAMB the resources it needs to provide the outstanding level of education that benefits our children.

Donations to the ¡Arriba! campaign are welcome at any time. We strongly encourage families to consider starting monthly, automated donations so that the school can benefit from our support prior to the main campaign. Please use the recurring donation link above to start your monthly, automated donations. Any ¡Arriba! donations received between July 1 and June 30 of the current school year will count toward this year’s ¡Arriba! campaign.

How is the money used?

LAMB provides an education that far exceeds a typical school, including a Montessori and bilingual curriculum, exceptional arts and music programs, garden and playground equipment, and advanced science and technology. However, the funding LAMB receives from the government only covers the basic items needed in any classroom. LAMB raises additional money to provide the special tools, programs, and training that make LAMB an exceptional school for our children. The PTO organizes the ¡Arriba! campaign each year to help the school meet priority needs not covered by other sources of funding.

In past years, ¡Arriba! funds have been used to purchase elementary science lab equipment, playground equipment, an improved security system, and Montessori materials and supplies. It has also been used to pay for teacher training and a math interventionist, as well as to offset costs of highly valued field trips.

For the 2019 campaign, ¡Arriba! funds were directed in two ways:

  • Current Needs, such as field trips, guest presenters, classroom supplies, and student enrichment programs; or

  • Staff Professional Development, including Montessori and other training for teachers and classroom aides.

Why is participation so important?

A financial contribution -- whether it is $5 or $5,000 -- is a tangible representation of your support for LAMB and commitment to the school community. Our history of achieving 99-100% participation in the ¡Arriba! Campaign has helped large donors and service providers to feel confident making an investment in LAMB. 

How much should we give?

We are asking all families to give whatever they can to support LAMB. We recognize and celebrate diversity: some families are able to make a large gift, while others can give a small amount. If you start a monthly, recurring donation, you might find that after a year, it adds up to more than you could give in a single gift. In addition to making a gift of any size, we also encourage parents to reach out to grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends, and business contacts that might want to make a gift to the ¡Arriba! campaign. All gifts to LAMB via the ¡Arriba! campaign are tax deductible.  LAMB's tax ID is 52-2356681.

 How does the campaign work?

Donations can be made online at any time. Cash or check donations can be made throughout the year at the front desk as long as the donation is clearly marked “¡Arriba! campaign” and includes your child’s name and community. In addition, there will be a donation table set up near the front desk of all three facilities during the 2020 ¡Arriba! campaign. Special ¡Arriba! envelopes in which to seal your cash or check contribution will be provided before and during the ¡Arriba! campaign.

We ask you to provide your name and contact details when you make your donation. This is so that the school can provide a tax receipt for your donation. The amounts donated and the names of families that participate are kept anonymous and are not publicized.

Please note that this is a Zero Cost campaign. All costs to run the campaign are donated so that your donations can go directly to the school.

For further information or to volunteer for this campaign, please contact