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 Student Support Services

LAMB offers a range of services to make sure students make progress that matches their developmental stage and individual goals. We use the data-driven model of Response to Intervention (RtI).  This model outlines a process to help students who are struggling with a skill or lesson. 

When it seems that a student may need additional intervention and support to reach their highest potential, we create a Student Support Team (SST) Plan. We may decide an SST Plan is necessary based on  classroom observations, student work samples, standardized test data, behavioral data, and/or a request from a parent. Through the SST process, teachers, parents, administrators, counselors, the student, and support staff work collaboratively to address student needs.

We have a Special Education Program for students with disabilities. This Program addresses their goals and accommodations guided by a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). These plans usually include opportunities for the students to learn in the classroom with the support of Special Education Teachers and one-on-one teaching opportunities. LAMB has bilingual Special Education teachers who work with students with disabilities. Students with IEPs who qualify for speech therapy, occupational therapy, or mental health services receive these through our bilingual providers.